October 24, 2022

Mary & Ronda 10/16/22

The Venue

Mary & Ronda’s wedding at The Tanglewood House a couple of weekends ago was absolutely, hands down, the most joyful, supported and loving celebration I have ever had the pleasure to photograph!

While I’ve enjoyed tea at The Mad Herbalist on many occasions, this was actually my first time stepping foot in The Tanglewood House. It is so charming!

You’re instantly greeted by a warm and cheery hearth room, followed by a gorgeous bright and airy dining room with beautiful wood floors. And even though the day was dreary and the ceremony had to be relocated indoors, the space had amazing windows that made you feel as if you were still right outside!

The tables set up for Mary & Ronda’s reception were so lovely and elegant! It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year though so their wedding colors fit right in there!

I also didn’t realize that below The Tanglewood House, they also have cute cabins! This is where Ronda got ready, as well as where the pups hung out!

The Details

The details for every wedding are always so unique – but Mary & Ronda had some really fun things that were totally matched up with their fun-loving personalities! The first thing was their shoes… I loved the amazing shoes they chose to wear. Not only were they going to be able to wear them again after the wedding, but they were comfy looking and rainbow colored! I mean come on now!

The next thing that I absolutely fell in love with was their bobble-head cake topper which they ordered off of Etsy. It seriously looked just like the two of them! Super cute! If you can’t add some laughter and silliness to life, is it really worth living?

Tiny jars of local honey from Merrywood Farm were used as table place cards.

And lastly, they wrote their own vows to each other which isn’t easy to do and is even more difficult to get through without crying, or photography without crying!

The Ceremony

Mary and Ronda’s ceremony was intimate and heartfelt! The energy of their family and friends filled the space with such support and love, you could literally feel it in the air. It was like no other wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended ❤️. Ronda’s dad escorted her down the aisle and Mary’s brother walked her down. They also had their two sweet pups join them up at the alter! It was short, and sweet, and their were definitely tears among the guests.


Even though the weather was off and on rain, we ended up with a window of time to grab some pictures around the venue and the Fall foliage was there for it! I love how these turned out. I was worried we had run out of light towards the end, but honestly my favorite ones of the day are in front of The Tanglewood just as the evening lights flickered on and dusk was settling in.

Time to Party!

The rest of the evening was filled with good food, good people, lots of laughter and just a few more tears – I mean Ronda dancing with her Dad and Mary’s mom singing to her as they danced… it was just love overflowing!

I also think the glow-stick exit was the absolute perfect way to end such a fun, beautiful, silly, happy, loving day of celebration!

I was so honored to be Mary & Ronda’s photographer for the day. Later on we were texting, sad that it was already over. Mary said, “And now we need to figure out something else you can photograph for us.”

That right there, is truly the best compliment a photographer can get! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Mary Frattalone Jacone says:

    Oh, Austin! I love this so much!! We cannot thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding photos! We are thrilled to have found you, and also to have made a new friend in the process! Your pictures are stunning, and bring me to tears every time I look at them! Can’t wait to get (several) them on the walls of our home! We WILL find something else for you to photograph! I’m thinking Christmas cards!!!!!! ❤️ you da best, girl! We love you!

    • Austin Hackworth says:

      🥰🥰🥰 It was destiny – had to be ❤️❤️❤️ what a fantastic day! Looking forward to Xmas cards lol!

  2. Lynda Gelineau says:

    Austin what a beautiful job you did on this blog post. Thank you for capturing so many lovely memories for all of our family and friends. It was such a special day for all of us. Your photography is awesome. Many thanks, Mary’s mom.

    • Austin Hackworth says:

      It was my pleasure! It was so nice meeting all of you and spending such a good day with good people! 😃❤️

  3. Sue karter says:

    This is so beautifully and thoughtfully written. You trul expressed the full experience of this wedding. You totally captured the true essence of who Mary and Ronda are!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Cindy Carone says:

    Wow, I thought I was done crying but this was beautiful! You not only captured Mary and Ronda’s love and the spirit of the wedding in photos, but your written synopsis was PERFECT! My only regret is that I don’t live in TN so I can hire you for EVERYTHING I would want a photographer for! You were outstanding!

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